Boost Your Adrenaline With GTA Vice City 

Boost Your Adrenaline With GTA Vice City 

Screenshot Boost Your Adrenaline With GTA Vice City Screenshot Boost Your Adrenaline With GTA Vice City Screenshot Boost Your Adrenaline With GTA Vice City Screenshot Boost Your Adrenaline With GTA Vice City 



Grand Theft Auto is one of the most phenomenal gaming franchises that has ever been launched. This game is played from a third-person perspective, and all the traveling is either done on foot or by a convenient vehicle. The plot of this game is based on a series of events and people of Miami and the various kinds of people who were part of the event. It includes Haitians, Cubans, biker gangs, drug lords, and even glam metals. In this game, the player simply had to control the character of the criminal, TommVercetti, and complete a series of missions to make progress through the plot. You can have several purposes running simultaneously and become masterminds at it. Other than the completion of the mission, players can roam around in the open world and take upon side missions. The islands keep unlocking as the story progresses. As you can already understand from the title of this game, this game is based on crime and criminal activities. Most of these missions are based on theft and robbery, so you will have to use a lot of practical skills in order to get away with these.  


Platforms Supported By This Game 


This game remained away from the reach of mobile phone users for a long time; recent developments have allowed this game to be available on a versatile platform for mobile devices.  Though it is available for mobile devices downloading this game cannot be done directly from Play Store as it has an installer of its own. When it comes to the mobile version, the following platform supports this game: 


  • Android 
  • Microsoft Windows 
  • iOS 
  • Mac iOS 
  • Fire OS.  


Downloading GTA Vice City on Phone 


In order to download GTA Vice City on your phone, the following steps are to be followed: 


  • In order to download the GTA 5 APK or GTA 5, IPA files press on the download button on the GTA home screen. 
  • Now you have to run the APK and download it. If it is blocked due to any security reason, give access for downloading APK.  
  • Once it has been installed, run the game from your app drawer on your home screen. 
  • Now the game will download data, and you can start playing the game.  


Basic Tutorial 


You will obviously have to register yourself for this game and build your own character from scratch. Keep it in mind that there are some missions that have to be completed while there are side missions that are optional in nature. You can find all the missions listed, and you can refer to this whenever you feel lost. The skull icon on the screen notifies that it is time for a rampage. There are a number of questions that you will have to follow to make progress.  


Get your blood boiling with a game as versatile as this.  


Additional Information

Category Arcade
Developer Rockstar Games
Latest Version 1.09
File size 7.3M